Atomic Pro Audio offers production management, stage management, and site coordination services to a variety of clients. Production Manager Kevin Margolin brings 25 years of experience producing live events, along with valuable relationships in a number of fields. This network, along with technical expertise and exceptional attention to detail, ensures that events are smooth-running, cost-effective, and stress-free.

A Selection of our Production Managed Events:
MOUNTAIN JAM (produced by GNP)
Hunter Mountain, NY
Mariaville, NY
Burlington, VT
PIER REVUE (produced by GNP)
Portland, ME
COVENTRY AND IT (produced by GNP)
Phish Festivals

From meeting rooms to arenas, Atomic Pro Audio provides audio production services scaled to any venue. Our large and diverse inventory allows us to effectively match audio packages to specific customer needs. Atomic’s veteran staff is experienced in a range of scenarios including corporate, theatrical, and musical, for both one-off events and touring situations.

Audio Production Gallery: (Coming Soon)



  • Mountain Jam
  • Camp Bisco
  • Moe.Down
  • Snoe.Down
  • Gathering of the Vibes
  • Burlington Discover Jazz
  • Grand Points North
  • Solid Sound
  • Catskill Chill
  • Keene Pumpkin Festival
  • The Big Up
  • Wanderlust – Stratton
  • Royal Family Affair
  • B.O.M.B. Festival
  • Nor’easter
  • Rise Up Vermont
  • Lark Fest

  • Outdoor Shows
  • Theater Shows
  • Radio Shows

Atomic Pro Audio provides lighting production services for a wide range of events. We have the equipment and expertise to handle concerts, corporate events, dance parties and much more, in all variety of traditional and untraditional spaces.

Utilizing a range of projectors, screens, displays, switchers, mixers, scalers and LED video walls. Atomic offers video services for a variety of applications. Our versatility of equipment allows us to succeed in events scaling from business meetings to rock concerts.

With over 45 keyboards, 70 guitar amps, 80 pieces of percussion, 5 drum kits, and 60 cymbals, Atomic’s backline collection is extensive.

Our inventory also includes:
Acoustic and electric guitars, upright basses, and vintage keyboards

DJ equipment including turntables, CD players, and 8 mixer-models

A variety of pedals, cables, and accessories

Odds and ends from drum shields to saxophone stands

With years of experience designing custom stages, Atomic Pro Audio offers a number of professional staging options. We carry Stageline mobile stages as well as 150+ Staging Dimensions decks. We have the capability of building large stages, risers, rolling risers, and more.

Atomic Pro Audio offers a number of crowd control options, including two varieties of blow-through, concert style barricade and hundreds of yards of bike rack.

Atomic Pro Audio provides power distribution services for a range of venues. With over 25,000 feet of AC and feeder cable, 30 power distributions in all shapes and sizes, cable ramps, balanced power and more, we are prepared to power convention spaces, outdoor festivals, and everything in between.

With thousands of feet of pipe & drape in all colors and sizes; velour, commando, and banjo cloth; and numerous backdrops and riser skirts, Atomic Pro Audio offers soft good rentals for a wide range of spaces and functions.