Atomic’s New Facility with Over 73,000 sq ft!

Monday 01 February, 2016

Atomic has taken ownership of a 73,000+ sq ft building to support it’s ever growing inventory and staff. The building now located at 364A Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759 is less than 10 min from the previous location. Of the over 73,000 sq ft of building, 6,000 sq ft is allocated for the office space. The building built less than 20 years ago has 35ft tall ceilings, multiple loading docks, large conference room and a fully decked out employee break room. We are already seeing a huge difference in our efficiency. We had 3 tours come to our shop to do their prep. It’s great to be able to offer them equipment and also the space to stage it.

Have a look (More photos to come)
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